Terms and conditions regarding Sales and Payment

After the order is placed, the seller must send the goods to AREA 02 to verify the authenticity and defects within two business days. After the product is successfully authenticated by AREA 02, it will be shipped to the consumer; if the authentication fails, the order will be directly cancelled by AREA 02 and the product will be sent back to the seller.
You must first apply for general membership, then use the member function button at the upper right of the website, click "Apply to become a seller" and enter the information required to complete the registration. After your registration has passed the review, you can start listing products on the platform. Please note that the seller qualification adopts the real-name system, all information in the member’s account needs to be real information before it can obtain seller status and listing qualifications. Note: There are a large number of applicants at the moment, it is expected that the review will take about three business days (excluding holidays). The review results will be sent out via email. Please take note of your mailbox.
Unlike most of the transactions which are generated only when buyers accept the listing prices of sellers, “Match buyer’s bid” is a feature by which a seller can decide if he/she wants to sell the product by accepting the bid price from a buyer. Sellers can check if there is any bid price from buyers at Listing. The system will only show the highest bid price when there are multiple buyers placing bids.
The current average is around 15%. This ratio will be determined according to the status of each seller's application, and will be displayed in the seller's backstage after passing the review of the seller's application.
Sellers selling goods through AREA 02 must bear the shipping cost of sending the goods to AREA 02 for product authentication, regardless of whether the order will be completed or cancelled. Seller can decide which delivery method to use, as long as the product will be arrived at AREA 02 within 2 business days after the purchase is established, and also with order number listed on the outer packaging (not shoebox) clearly. The company address and operating hours of AREA 02 are as follows. We also accept the seller to send the goods to the company in person. Address: 106 Tun Hwa South Road, Section 2, Lane 63, No.59, 1st Floor. Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00 (excluding Public Holidays)
Please contact [email protected] for special needs.
There is a 2% processing fee from sales price for each order. Weekly statistics will be collected, and the payment will be deducted when remittance on each of the payment. At that time, sellers should pay attention to the accuracy of inventory and shipping time.
The payment will be allocated after the transaction is completed according to the time when the order is completed. The transaction that completes on the period from the 1st to the 10th of the each month, funds will be allocated on the 15th of the month; while the transaction that completes from the 11th to the 20th of each month will be allocated on the 25th of the month; the order that completed on the 21th to the last day of the month funds will be allocated on the 5th of the next month (postponed on holidays), and the allocated funds will be paid in full to the seller after deducting the service fee of this website and third-party payment platform handling fees.
**The order completion time refers to the date after the buyer receives the goods.
**If the grant day encounters a holiday, the grant will be postponed to the next working day.