SellFee policy

Transaction Fee

A platform handling fee will be charged for every transaction in AREA02, which will be adjusted from time to time as the seller's sales volume increases.

Completed Transaction

After the transaction is completed (the order is completed), for the transaction that completes on the period from the 26th of the previous month to the 5th of the current month, funds will be allocated on the 10th of the month; while the transaction that completes from the 6th to the 15th of each month will be allocated on the 20th of the month; the order that completed on the 16th to the 25th of each month funds will be allocated on the last day of the month (postponed on holidays), and the allocated funds will be paid in full to the seller after deducting the service fee of this website and third-party payment platform handling fees.

Order Cancellation

If the order is cancelled due to the seller's factors:
  1. The first order has no processing fee
  2. From the second one, NT$200 will be deducted for each pair. Starting from the third one, NT$500 will be deducted for each .

The cumulative system will collect monthly statistics, and the payment will be deducted when remittance on the 10th of each month. At that time, sellers should pay attention to the accuracy of inventory and shipping time.

Payment Remittance

Proceeds from the sales by the sellers will be remitted to the bank account provided by the sellers (Note: The designated account provided must be a bank established in Taiwan, foreign banks are not accepted.). Bank transfer handling fees will be deducted for each remittance. Note: Bank transaction fee. If the designated account is Chinatrust Commercial Bank, the bank transaction fee will be waived; if it is not Chinatrust Commercial Bank, the bank will charge NT$15 for each transaction.