BuyBuying guide

Type of Shopping

Direct Order (Buy)

  • A transaction in which a seller can set a price and wait for a buyer to buy it.
  • The lowest price will be prioritized to show on the website. When there are two bid prices with the same price, the price placed earlier will be prioritized to show on the website.

Make an offer (Bid)

  • A transaction in which a buyer can place a bid via “bid” and wait for a seller to accept it.
  • The highest bid price will be prioritized to show on the website and app. When there are two bid prices with the same price, the bid price placed earlier will be prioritized to show on the website.
  • The bid can only be paid by credit card online.
  • Buyers can check all the bid prices they placed and cancel the bid at Bidding List.
  • This transaction does not apply any kinds of discount, including free shipping.

Order Process

Direct Order (Buy)

Buyers can place an order after add all list into cart and push buy it.

Make an offer (Bid)

  • “Bid” is the feature by which a buyer can place a bid price and wait for a seller to accept the price to make a purchase.
  • Buyers can set the item, size, and bid price of their wish.
  • Credit card payment will be required after submitting a bid. The amount of the bid price will be blocked from the buyer’s credit card limit. The buyer is required to set the available bid period, and it can only be up to 18 days. Buyer can cancel the submitted bid within the period if there has not been any seller accepting the bid price.
  • An order will be placed only when a seller accepts the bid price via “Match buyer’s bid” during buyer’s bidding period and the amount of the bid price you set will be officially subtracted from buyer’s credit card limit; If there is no seller accepting the bid price, it will expire after the bidding period ends, and the block on your credit card limit will be removed.

AREA 02 is a professional platform for sneakers deal pairing and consignment, in order to protect both parties and to verify all products are authentic, sellers will only send out the product to AREA 02 after the payment is made, then product authentication by professionals will be taken place before sending out to buyers. Expected delivery time will be about 5-7 business days after the payment is made (excluding Saturdays and National Holidays).

If AREA 02 has doubts about the goods sold, order will be cancelled and payment will be refunded to buyers. Then, buyers can remake their purchase again after this. Payment will be refunded in 5-7 business days after AREA 02 cancelled the order.

Buyers who made their payment by using ATM transfers or payment through convenience stores, kindly provide your information below by emailing to our customer service mailbox at [email protected]

  • Order Number:
  • Bank Name & SWIFT Code :
  • Branch Name & SWIFT Code:
  • Account Name:
  • Account No. :

Payment Method

ATM transfers/ Payment through convenience stores

Please make your payment within 24 hours after you made your order. The order will be established once the payment is completed, or else the system will cancel the order automatically. The bank account or code will be sent to your email by the system after you made your order. Please be aware that convenience stores will not accept any payment which exceeds NT$20,000. Therefore, if your amount is or exceeds NT$20,000, please do not choose this payment method.

Credit card online payment / Credit card online installment payment

All banks' VISA, MASTER, JCB and UnionPay can be used for payment. Note: The payment action should be done within 30 minutes after entering the payment website, or else order will be cancelled. Credit card online installment payment can be three or six installments with zero interest rate. * Bidding mode only supports one-time payment by credit card.

AFTEE (Buy Now, Pay Later)

  • Select AFTEE as your payment method during checkout.
  • If you have an AFTEE account, please enter your login information and proceed with payment.
  • If you are new to AFTEE, we highly recommend you register an account via AFTEE APP before checkout for further services. The process is fast and simple, and you will receive an approval within minutes.

Delivery Method

Doorstep Delivery. You can track the order and delivery status through your account on the website.

Return Procedure Return Policy

For any transactions conducted through this website, unless the transaction is subject to the product cooling-off period regulated by the Consumer Protection Law, otherwise the buyer can only claim their return in the following circumstances:

  • The product is damaged;
  • Wrong product (e.g. size, color does not match the order, etc.) ;
  • defective products / unsuable (Please see the definition of manufacturing/workmanship defects as below);
  • Product and its description are clearly unmatched.

What common manufacturing/workmanship defects are?

Mass-produced products may have some minor manufacturing defects which is not intended to happen when it is made in factory. Here are the sample for products we verified as natural flaws.

  • Asymmetrical Stitches/ Visible Lining
  • Deformed Shoe Box
  • Creases
  • Excess Glue/Wax
  • Over Exposed Fabric

Return process

  1. Buyers should check that the products received are correct, and make sure whether the product has the 4 conditions mentioned above once you received your purchase. If yes, please contact customer service via [email protected] within 24 hours, inform us your order number and the problem of your product. We will assist in contacting the seller and solve this as soon as possible.
  2. The returned goods must be brand new, fully packaged, with the tag intact and not worn out. (including accessories attached, shoebox from manufacturer, invoice and gifts etc.) Please note that the shoebox, the product packaging and the certificate of AREA 02 are all part of the product. Any loss, damage or missing parts will affect your right of return. (Please read the relevant information of Article 6 Clause 5 of the Terms of Service for returns. )

  3. You can apply for a return after the product is checked and confirmed.

The following circumstances may affect your right of return:

  • The shoe box is damaged, tag is removed, seal or label is removed etc, if these do not affect the checking process of your products.
  • Other reasons that are necessary or attributable to you for exceeding the inspection, causing damage, loss or alteration of the goods.
  • The authentication straps of AREA 02 on returned goods shall not be removed, damaged or defaced.