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Taiwan absolutely protects and respects the privacy of every member, and also designed the following terms according to the Personal Data Protection Act. Please read carefully regarding the ways, scopes, usages, inquiries or modification methods of the collection of user’s data by Taiwan If you have any questions, kindly contact our customer service on the website.

For details, please refer to clause 8 of the terms of service

Welcome to [AREA 02 platform] (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). This website is a professional sneaker trading service platform built and provided by "Taiwan Nakefu Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan Nakefu"). All users (hereinafter referred to as "members") who use the services provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "services") should carefully read these terms of service and fully understand the contents of the terms. In addition to the content stipulated in these terms of service, all specifications, methods, processing principles, policies and related service descriptions of this website, etc. which have been announced and any announcement in the future by Taiwan Nakefu form part of these terms of service.

When a member completes the registration or starts to use this service, it is deemed that the member has read, understood and agrees to all the contents of the terms of service and agrees to become a member of this website. Besides, Taiwan Nakefu can modify the content of these terms of service at any time, including modifying the usage specifications, methods, processing principles, policies and related service descriptions that have been announced and may be announced in the future.The modified content shall take effect from the time of announcement unless otherwise stated.From the effective date, if the member continues to use the service, it is deemed that the member has read, understood, and agrees to the modified content; if the member does not agree to the modified content, should stop using the service immediately.

Article 1 Membership Registration and Joining
Members must be natural persons with full capacity or legally registered legal persons or organizations. Modifiers for members under the age of 20, who can read, understand, and merge all agreed content and subsequent content of this agreement without their consent, and are not allowed to use or continue this service. If members start to use or continue this service, it is presumed that their legal representative has read, understood, and agreed to all the agreed content and modified content of this agreement.
Members should complete the registration procedures, including but not only filling in member information, providing relevant documents or information required in the registration process, and completing membership certification in accordance with the method established by this website.
All information provided by member registration should be correct and real-time, and it is not allowed to register as a member in the name of another person; if the information provided by the member is changed, the website should be notified immediately to update its information. If the member does not provide the information immediately, does not provide the information as requested, the provided information is incorrect or inconsistent with the facts, or does not update the information immediately, Taiwan Nakefu will stop or suspend all or part of the service for this member without prior notice.
Members have the obligation to properly keep their account and password, must not provide or disclose to a third party; all actions after login to the platform with a specific account and password are presumed to be the account holder’s own actions. If a member finds or suspects that his account or password has been fraudulently used or improperly used by a third party, the member shall immediately notify this website. Regarding the application for registration as a member of this website, Taiwan Nakefu reserves the right to agree to its registration.

Article 2 Platform Service
The trading platform of this website mainly provides online pairing services. Members can list products for display and transaction (members who use this platform to sell objects are hereinafter referred to as "seller") and browse objects on this platform and conduct purchase transactions (members who purchase products from the listing are hereinafter referred to as "consumers") and assist consumers in verifying that the subject matter of the transaction is a product sold by the original manufacturer of the brand (hereinafter referred to as "genuine").
Members are aware and agree that for the purpose of protecting the sellers and consumers of Taiwan Nakefu, unless otherwise stipulated in the terms of service, the transactions on this website are conducted anonymously, and the sellers and consumers are authorized by Taiwan Nakefu receives and relays transaction information on their behalf. However, in the event of any dispute between members or with a third person, the member agrees to Taiwan Nakefu to disclose member information related to the dispute or provide other assistance.
Regarding members’ willingness and ability to perform transactions, as well as the quality, safety and legality of the goods or services they trade, Taiwan Nakefu does not assume any express or implied promises or guarantees. In the event of a dispute over the negotiation, the seller and the consumer shall coordinate and resolve the dispute through this website.
If Taiwan Nakefu deems it necessary, it may require members to provide explanations and relevant information in a timely manner regarding the doubts or disputes involved in the membership registration information, the objects and related information posted by the members, and matters related to transactions.
All the taxes, fees and costs incurred by the transactions conducted through Taiwan Nakefu shall be borne and paid by the seller and the consumer in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations or the agreement of the contract. Members agree that Taiwan Nakefu will send messages related to member services or activities to members regularly or from time to time.

Article 3 Buying and Selling Procedure
The transactions conducted through this website are conditional transactions. The seller and the consumer are responsible for the negotiation and implementation of the transaction, and both the seller and the consumer have complied with the terms of service while Taiwan Nakefu has not cancelled the transaction. Taiwan Nakefu assisted in verifying that the transaction object is genuine as a cessation condition for the transaction. The transaction will be officially established after the aforementioned conditions are fulfilled.
Genuine products are defined as products sold by the origin manufacturer. Products which are not sold by the origin manufacturer are regarded as non-genuine products, Taiwan Nakefu has the final right to determine whether the products are genuine or not for the transactions on this website. If Taiwan Nakefu proves to be a non-genuine product, the transaction is not established, Taiwan Nakefu will return the product to the seller, and Taiwan Nakefu will bear the freight. The members agree that Taiwan Nakefu shall not be liable for any reparation or compensation to the members.
The member agrees that consumers should remit the purchase and sale price to the third-party payment platform account provided by this website within 24 hours after the order is submitted. The transaction will be automatically cancelled for any overdue payment.
The member agrees that the consumer's offer should be established and binding upon completion of the payment. Consumers cannot withdraw the offer and request a refund unless the transaction is cancelled in accordance with these terms of service or the transaction is confirmed by Taiwan Nakefu that the transaction is not established.
The member agrees that orders generated via the Bid cannot be withdrawn or canceled due to the fact that the item, size and price of the order were confirmed by both parties at the time when it was generated, also can not apply any kinds of discount, including free shipping.
The member agrees that orders generated via the Bid can only be paid by credit card payment, and the amount of the bid price will be blocked from the credit card limit. The amount of the bid price will be deducted from the credit card limit once an order is generated.
The member agrees that the seller should complete the self-check of the product status and inventory of the product within one working day from the time the consumer submits the order, then submit the self-check result to this website. If the seller has inventory, the product should be sent to the designated address of Taiwan Nakefu within two business days from the time when the consumer places the order and completes the remittance according to the instructions on this website. The product will be verified by Taiwan Nakefu and the seller has to bear the shipping fee. If it is not delivered as scheduled or is determined by Taiwan Nakefu to have significant disadvantages related to the transaction, such as the false description of the product by the seller, the product is damaged during the shipping process, etc., Taiwan Nakefu has to cancel the transaction without prior notice and will not be liable for any reparation or compensation. If the seller does not have enough inventory, Taiwan Nakefu will cancel the transaction.
The member agrees that all non-genuine attachments on the objects will be removed during the inspection process of the company and will not be returned, may include but not limited to dust (moisture proof) bags, stickers, labels, etc.
The member agrees that Taiwan Nakefu shall always request the sellers to provide true, complete and clear determinable certificates (may include but not limited to sales vouchers, invoices, receipts, shipment details, import declaration documents or other related documents) to assist in confirming that the objects are genuine or not.
After the authentication is completed by Taiwan Nakefu, Taiwan Nakefu will send the product to the address designated by the consumer or kept on this website after the authentication is completed, and the freight will be borne by the consumer. When the product is delivered to the consumer, the transaction is completed, and the risk of the product is transferred from the seller to the consumer.
After the transaction is completed (the order is completed), the transaction that completes on the period from the 26th of the previous month to the 5th of the current month, funds will be allocated on the 10th of the month; while the transaction that completes from the 6th to the 15th of each month will be allocated on the 20th of the month; the order that completed on the 16th to the 25th of each month funds will be allocated on the last day of the month (postponed on holidays), and the allocated funds will be paid in full to the seller after deducting the service fee of this website and third-party payment platform handling fees.
If the order is cancelled due to the seller’s issues, there is no processing fee for the first one, NT$200 will be deducted for each pair from the second one, and NT$500 will be deducted for each pair from the third one on. Monthly statistics will be collected, and the payment will be deducted when remittance on the 10th of each month. At that time, sellers should pay attention to the accuracy of inventory and shipping time.
Proceeds from the sales by the sellers will be remitted to the bank account provided by the sellers (Note: The designated account provided must be a bank established in Taiwan, foreign banks are not accepted.). Bank transfer handling fees will be deducted for each remittance. Note: Bank transaction fee. If the designated account is Chinatrust Commercial Bank, the bank transaction fee will be waived; if it is not Chinatrust Commercial Bank, the bank will charge NT$15 for each transaction.

Article 4 Disclosure of Trading Risks
The objects, explanatory content and related information published on this website are all provided by members. Taiwan Nakefu only examines that the content conforms to the format of the information required for transactions on this website, but for the authenticity, legality, and immediacy of the content, Taiwan Nakefu does not bear any promise or guarantee. However, if the objects, descriptions or related information posted by members are in violation of laws or regulations, violation of public order and good customs, infringement of the rights and interests of third parties, or violation of the member’s terms of service, Taiwan Nakefu will directly remove them without prior notice. In addition, make it inaccessible, or other restrictive measures will be taken.
Members agree that the seller will only provide guarantees to consumers for the defects of the goods in accordance with the various transaction conditions and commitments described in the description when consumers purchase the goods, and authorize this website to accept and reply to consumers questions regarding the goods on their behalf .
Members are aware and agree that this website and its related services are only available to individual sellers, if the seller has the doubts of being identified as a business operator under the Consumer Protection Law, should terminate all sales of goods and proceed as soon as possible, while notifying this website for negotiation.
If the seller is a business operator stipulated by the Consumer Protection Law, recognized by the relevant competent authority as a business operator, or notified by Taiwan Nakefu that the member should apply the terms of service as a business operator, the buyer shall be given a cooling-off period for 7 days after receiving the product. During this period, but only for appreciation purposes, not as a commodity trial; during the cooling-off period, if you are not satisfied with the goods or services, while you want to apply for a return or exchange , the member should return the product to its original condition (including the complete original packaging). For the relevant return and exchange methods, please refer to the return and exchange procedures in this service clause. In order to clarify, the 7-day cooling-off period stipulated in this article is limited to those that are subject to the Consumer Protection Law and are not listed as reasonable exceptions by the competent authority.
The member agrees that orders generated via the Bid are considered customized orders. Thus, they are not regulated by the cooling-off period that is subject to the Consumer Protection Law, and any return request on the orders mentioned above will be accepted only the return meets the condition mentioned on Article 6 Clause 1.

The seller knows and agrees that if it is a business operator specified by the Consumer Protection Law, recognized as a business operator by the relevant competent authority, or has been notified by Taiwan Nakefu that the member should apply the terms of service as a business operator, it should provide the following information in clear and easy-to-understand sentences on this platform for the consumers:

  1. The name of CEO, representative, office or business office of the business operator, telephone or e-mail and other information for consumers for quick and effective contact.
  2. The content, consideration, payment date and method, delivery date and method of goods and services.
  3. The period and method for consumers to terminate the contract during the seven-day cooling-off period.
  4. Ways to take care of consumer complaints.
  5. Other issues announced by the central competent authority.

Article 5 Obligations of Sellers and Consumers
Sellers should ensure that the items listed are authentic, the state of the products matches the description provided, without any false descriptions, the goods are not damaged during the delivery process, or there are no other major disadvantages related to the transaction. Taiwan Nakefu also has the right of final review for the products listed online. The member agrees that if Taiwan Nakefu believes that the listing is likely to violate the provisions of this article, the transaction may be cancelled without prior notice, and no reparation or compensation will be liable for this.
When consumers purchase goods and/or services on this website, please be sure to carefully confirm the product name, price, quantity, model, specification, size or service time, content, restrictive requirements and other important matters, and when placing an order check the contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information. If the consignee is not the member, the receipt of the goods by the consignee shall be deemed to be signed by the member.
The transaction cannot be completed due to any behavior of the attributable consumer or the seller,, such as the payment is not completed within the time limit after the order is placed on this website, the transaction is cancelled due to the non-stocked goods published on this website, or there is a false description of the object or the object is deemed to be non-genuine and other circumstances by Taiwan Nakefu, this website may change, cancel, suspend or terminate membership in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 of these terms of service after considering the severity and frequency of occurrence.
If the sellers are required to issue invoices in accordance with the law, the issuance of their invoices shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. If it is determined that the seller is in doubt of violating relevant tax obligations, this website may stop all sales of the products of the seller, and deal with the major circumstances that violate the terms of service.

Article 6 Returns
For any transactions conducted through this website, unless the transaction is subject to the product cooling-off period regulated by the Consumer Protection Law, otherwise the consumers can only claim their return in the following circumstances:

  1. The product is damaged;
  2. Wrong product (e.g. size, color does not match the order, etc.);
  3. defective products/ unsuable;
  4. Product and its description are clearly unmatched.

For transactions that meet the conditions of return, after the consumer submits a return application on this website, the seller agrees to authorize Taiwan Nakefu to assist the member to handle the return procedure. If the seller fails to comply with the terms of service and the relevant laws and regulations on return and exchange, the responsible are on themselves, and Taiwan Nakefu has the right to suspend the listing or cancel the registration.
This website will subsidize the return shipping fee that meets the requirements of this article. The logistics company designated by Taiwan Nakefu will be responsible for pickup and delivery. The sellers and consumers should cooperate to provide pickup, delivery address and other required information or assistance. This website will provide full subsidies to freight operators.
When returning the goods, the seller shall still bear the shipping fee incurred when sending it.
The consumer knows and agrees that the returned goods should be kept in the same state as when they received the goods, including but not limited to the product body, accessories, packaging, products attached, and authenticity verification straps or stickers provided by Taiwan Nakefu. If the inspection is necessary or attributable to the consumer, if the returned product or packaging is damaged, it will affect the consumer's right to return. Sellers may charge the necessary fees for the return of the product or refuse product return according to the loss procedure. In order to clarify, the returned goods shall not be removed, damaged or defaced. Taiwan Nakefu authentication straps or stickers shall not be removed. Violators shall be deemed to have caused damage to the goods themselves.

Article 7 Refund
If a member returns a product or a transaction is not established or canceled, except that those who use a credit card to pay shall be handled in accordance with the credit card dispute handling mechanism stipulated in the regulations of each credit card organization, refunds shall be handled in accordance with the following agreement:

  1. If the transaction is cancelled due to any reason, Taiwan Nakefu arranges to return the relevant money to the member without interest, and Taiwan Nakefu will bear the cost of the refund. If the payment is made by credit card, the payment will be refunded to the credit card.
  2. If the court, competent authority, or members or relevant right holders provide necessary documents to the third-party payment platform or Taiwan Nakefu to request suspension of payment or refund of related funds, the seller agrees to the third-party payment platform or Taiwan Nakefu to comply with the above request to suspend the disbursement until the dispute is resolved or return the relevant funds to the seller. If the disputed money has been withdrawn to the bank account of the seller, the seller agrees to return the money immediately after being notified by Taiwan Nakefu.
  3. For transactions that may involve violations of laws or public order and good customs, or infringement of the rights and interests of third parties, payments due to errors, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or orders of the competent authority, Taiwan Nakefu shall refund the price in accordance with the instructions of consumers. After the funds have been withdrawn to the bank account of the seller, the seller shall return the funds immediately after being notified by Taiwan Nakefu.
  4. If consumers directly file a complaint with Taiwan Nakefu, the seller authorizes Taiwan Nakefu to take care of the coordination and proper handling. If the overdue dispute is not resolved within three business days, the seller agrees that Taiwan Nakefu refunds can be made at the request of consumers and deducted at the time of settlement of the payment collection. Sellers can also temporarily not settle with the disputed funds; if the funds have been withdrawn, Taiwan Nakefu will directly download the amount deducted from the amount of the next collection of funds or the person who requires the listing to be refunded immediately. Any seller has no objection to the disposal of Taiwan Nakefu.
  5. The seller agrees that if the consumer disputes the content of the goods or services traded through the card issuer, or denies that the transaction or other transaction funds need to be refunded, the third-party payment platform or Taiwan Nakefu will proceed to refund the consumer, and the consumer will be listed no objection is allowed; if the funds have been withdrawn to the bank account of the listed company,Taiwan Nakefu shall directly deduct the amount from the next collection of funds or require the listed party to return it immediately. Any seller has no objection to the disposal of Taiwan Nakefu.

Article 8 Data Privacy
Taiwan absolutely protects and respects the privacy of every member, and also designed the following terms according to the Personal Data Protection Act. Please read carefully regarding the ways, scopes, usages, inquiries or modifications method of the collection of user’s data by Taiwan If you have any questions, kindly contact our customer service on the website.

Purpose of personal data collection
For marketing, customer management and service, providing online shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfilling statutory or service terms and obligations, protecting the rights and interests of parties and related stakeholders, after-sales service, and handling of award-giving activities (including confirmation the identity of the winners, the provision of gifts and the issuance of withholding vouchers in accordance with the law, etc.) and the purpose of operating the business in accordance with the business registration products or the articles of association, etc., depending on the nature of the service, your name, birthday, and ID number may be collected , contact method (including but not limited to telephone, email and address, etc.), service unit, job title, information required to complete collection or payment, IP address, and other individuals who can directly or indirectly identify the user's identity material.
The personal information collected on this website includes:

  1. Basic member information: name, gender, uniform number of ID card, date of birth, contact number, contact address, email address.
  2. Online trading platform services: information about the delivery of goods, including the recipient's name, contact number, contact address and other necessary information.
  3. Any records related to sales or consumption made through this website.
  4. Based on market analysis, notice of member rights, or other services derived from this website now or in the future, or with the above services, other information provided by members necessary for the operation.
The personal data usage regarding period, area, object and method
  1. Period: Until termination of membership requested or when this website no longer provides service anymore.
  2. Region: Taiwan and Service area of this website
  3. For the purpose of personal data collected from article 1, it is necessary to be informed of the personal data of users. ( Including Taiwan Nakefu and partners and cooperative companies of Taiwan Nakefu).
  4. Method: In written form, fax, e-mail and the Internet are carried out by automated machines or other non-automated use methods, and the Internet, etc. are carried out by automated machines or other non-automated use methods.
  5. The parties to the personal data collected by Taiwan Nakefu shall, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, exercise the following rights against Taiwan Nakefu, but Taiwan Nakefu may charge necessary fees according to the situation:
    • Inquiry or request to read
    • Request to copy
    • Request supplement or correction
    • Request to stop collection, processing or utilization.
    • Request deletion.
  6. If members want to exercise the above rights, they can contact the customer service of this website to apply.
  7. If you refuse to provide the necessary information required by the member, you may not be able to enjoy the complete services of Taiwan Nakefu and this website.

Article 9 Fees
After completing the transaction of the products published in Taiwan Nakefu, the seller agrees to pay the platform handling fee for each transaction in accordance with Article 3 Clause 8 of these terms of service, but Taiwan Nakefu considers the number of transactions on this website by the individual seller , amount and/or other transaction records and other factors may adjust the proportion of handling fees for individual seller. In order to clarify, the adjusted handling fee shall be effective from the notification of Taiwan Nakefu via email or other means and apply to transactions completed thereafter.
When members use other paid services or functions of Taiwan Nakefu, they shall pay the fees in accordance with the charging method established at the time. Taiwan Nakefu adds, adjusts or changes the charging products and charging standards at any time.
When a member has a fee to pay, Taiwan Nakefu will notify the member to pay. Before the member completes the payment of all fees, Taiwan Nakefu has to restrict one or all of the functions that the member can use.

Article 10 Code of Conduct
This website strictly prohibits members from deliberately selling any non-genuine products, and those who are found must be transferred to justice, and they will never give credit.
When using the related services and functions of Taiwan Nakefu, members should use their own member account and password to log in to the system, and may not transfer or authorize others to use their own member account in any way.
Members agree to abide by relevant laws and regulations and not to engage in the following behaviors:

  1. Upload, post, publish or send any defamatory, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order or good customs or other illegal text, pictures or any form of files on this website.
  2. Use this website in the name of another person.
  3. Publish, transmit, send or store any information that infringes on the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.
  4. Engaging in illegal transactions or posting false or untrue or criminal information.
  5. Provide gambling information or induce others to participate in gamblingany way.
  6. Publish, and transmit information on this website to guide members not to conduct transactions through this website.
  7. Collect email addresses and other personal data of others without consent.
  8. Extract or use all or part of any database content in the membership service without permission.
  9. Publish, transmit, send, store viruses, or any other programs or messages that can damage or interfere with computer systems or data.
  10. Acts that disrupt or interfere with the operation of the membership service system or violate general Internet etiquette.
  11. Unauthorized access to the service system of this website or a network related to this website, or fraudulent use of other people’s accounts or forged sender identification data to send mail in an attempt to mislead the recipient’s judgment.
  12. Any behavior that hinders or interferes with other users' use of member services.
  13. Send lucky chain letters, spam, advertising letters or other purposeless emails.
  14. The act of stealing member accounts, passwords or access rights of member services through improper channels.
  15. Other behaviors that do not meet the purpose of use provided by the membership service.
If a member finds that other members have violated laws or regulations, or violated the member’s terms of service or related codes of conduct, they can file a report to Taiwan Nakefu.

When members list the products for sale, they should pay attention to whether they have the right or qualification to sell the goods or services, as well as the legality of the goods or services sold, and should properly explain the trading conditions and related information of the products listed. Circumstances that are untrue, or leading to errors or misbelief are prohibited. Before submitting an order for a specific product, a member should carefully review its trading conditions and related information, and evaluate the seller's integrity and ability to perform the transaction. After the transaction is completed, the seller and the consumer should perform and complete the transaction with the utmost integrity.
A member does not obtain any express or implied authorization of any intellectual property rights of Taiwan Nakefu by joining as a member of Taiwan Nakefu. Without the prior written consent of Taiwan Nakefu, members are not allowed to use, reproduce, or distribute Taiwan Nakefu. Any form of works, materials, trademarks, or logos on Taiwan Nakefu. If any texts, drawings, pictures or other works or materials have rights attribution or other legality disputes, the company has the right to stop providing it, delete it directly, or notify the member to stop using it at any time without notice.

Article 11 Suspension and Termination
Taiwan Nakefu discovers, or receives a report or notification from a third party, that the behavior, transaction, or related products or information published by the member violates laws or regulations, public order and good customs, or infringes on the right of the third party, or who violates the membership terms of service or related norms or rules, in order to protect the rights and interests of Taiwan Nakefu and third parties, or to avoid damage or the expansion of disputes, Taiwan Nakefu without prior notice, will remove the involved products or information, or make them inaccessible, and may suspend all or part of the services or functions of the member, cancel or termination of the membership will be done; those who violate the law may also actively transfer member information and related transaction data or information to relevant judicial authorities for investigation, or cooperate with relevant judicial authorities in accordance with the law.
Taiwan Nakefu announces the list of suspended members on the website at any time.
Members who violate laws or regulations, infringe on the rights of third parties, or violate the member’s terms of service shall be liable for damages suffered by Taiwan Nakefu and the third party as a result. When a member violates laws or regulations or the member’s terms of service and causes damages to the counterparty, Taiwan Nakefu compensates the counterparty for the damage and expenses incurred by the transaction counterparty in accordance with the prescribed protection plan. Members shall be liable for the compensation and repayment of Taiwan Nakefu.
If a member is suspended or cancelled due to any reason, the transaction-related behaviors of the member before they handled in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Before the suspension or cancellation of the membership takes place, for products that have been uploaded to Taiwan Nakefu but not yet been transacted, Taiwan Nakefu has to delete these products and their related information.
  2. If the member has reached an agreement with another member on the transaction of a specific item before the membership is suspended or cancelled, the transaction may not be deleted, but the member of Taiwan Nakefu will be suspended or cancelled and notify the counterparty of the transaction.

Article 12 System Maintenance and Service Interruption
Taiwan Nakefu will do its best to maintain the normal operation of this service system so that members’ transaction activities can proceed smoothly. However, this service only provides services based on its current status. For the following matters, Taiwan Nakefu will not undertake any promise or guarantee, whether expressed or implied:

  1. meet the specific needs of members;
  2. system and software can continue to operate without interference;
  3. data can be transmitted, processed, stored and backed up in real time and accurately;
  4. system, software and data errors will be found and corrected immediately.
When this service system is suspended or interrupted due to routine maintenance, relocation, replacement, upgrade, or repair, Taiwan Nakefu will notify members by email or announcement before the suspension or interruption.

Article 13 Authorization
Members who upload, transmit or provide object data or other related information to Taiwan Nakefu, it is deemed that the member has agreed to authorize Taiwan Nakefu store and publish such information for specific or unspecified purposes. The user searches and browses, and may reproduce, distribute, broadcast, broadcast, remake, edit, publish, publish, or publicly transmit the information in print or electronic form, and may sublicense such rights to the third person. When members upload, transmit or provide object data or other related information to Taiwan Nakefu, they shall guarantee that they have the right to upload, transmit or provide such information, and they may authorize Taiwan Nakefu to use, store, publish, and provide specific or unspecified users search and browse, reproduce, distribute, publicly broadcast, publicly screen, modify, edit, publicly distribute, publicly publish, or publicly transmit such information, and may delegate these rights to third parties.
In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property rights holders, members who discover that objects or related information published or published by other members have infringed on intellectual property rights, they may file a report or notice to Taiwan Nakefu.

Article 14 Limitation of Liability
This website provides services on the basis of "current situation", "no guarantee of flawlessness" and "at the time of use". Members are responsible for the risks of using this service (including the content of this service), and this website does not guarantee, promise or guarantee that this service will not be interfered with, provided in a timely manner, safe or error-free. Service suspension or interruption, transaction failure, data loss or damage, or all other direct or indirect damages caused by the following circumstances, except for those caused by the intentional or gross negligence of Taiwan Nakefu, Taiwan Nakefu is not liable for compensation:

  1. Due to routine maintenance, relocation, replacement, upgrade, or repair of this service system;
  2. Loss or damage of data due to backup errors or failures;
  3. Due to the actions of third parties, Taiwan Nakefu’s income is not fully controlled, or is not attributable to Taiwan Nakefu’s cause;
  4. Caused by natural disasters or other force majeure;
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Taiwan Nakefu has this service and does not provide any express or implied guarantee, promise or guarantee. Taiwan Nakefu has not made any guarantees, promises or guarantees for the following matters: the content of this service or the content linked by this service, Taiwan Nakefu's support for this service, the specific functions of this service, the security of this service Or the reliability, quality, accuracy, availability, or ability of this service to meet your needs, provide specific results, or achieve specific results.
Taiwan Nakefu's verification of transaction products is based on the correctness, completeness and authenticity of the information provided by the listing. Based on Taiwan Nakefu's experience and professional judgment, Taiwan Nakefu does not guarantee that the authentication results are absolutely correct. Members are not allowed to use the authentication results of individuals, groups, institutions, manufacturers or any other than Taiwan Nakefu to claim that the results of its authentication as genuine/non-genuine are false, misleading, hypocritical, fraudulent, or to act against Taiwan Nakefu. The request for return or exchange may be any request for compensation or compensation.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, members agree and understand that Taiwan Nakefu will not be responsible for any issues arising from the terms of service, or members’ use or access to this service, or whether the transaction is established or related to it. Responsible for loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business opportunity, loss of value, including any alleged loss of personal data or loss of value, or any other loss. The member understands and agrees that if this website is liable to the member for damages in accordance with the law, the fee paid by the member to this website in the individual transaction shall be the upper limit.

Article 15 Prohibition of Transfer of Rights
Without the written consent of Taiwan Nakefu, members shall not assign or transfer all or part of this member’s Terms of Service or all other rights and obligations related to this website to a third party, provide guarantees or sanctions in any other form.

Article 16 The governing law and governing
The terms of service of this member and its related usage specifications, methods, processing principles, policies, and related service descriptions, etc., shall be by the laws of the Republic of China. If a dispute arises between a member and Taiwan Nakefu due to this service, this member’s terms of service or related usage specifications, methods, handling principles, policies, and related service descriptions, if litigation arises for this reason, the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the first Trial jurisdiction court.

Article 17 Inform
Taiwan Nakefu sends a written document to the address provided by the member in accordance with this article, if the written document cannot be delivered or the delivery is delayed due to Party B’s refusal to receive, no such person is found, or other reasons, Party A shall be at the time of sending the letter which treated as legal service. When Taiwan Nakefu sends emails to the member's email according to this article, the expected delivery time shall be within 24 hours after the member receives the email or Taiwan Nakefu sends the letter.