AREA 02 is a premium marketplace. We aimed to build a safe, convenient and transparent market for consumers to trade their sneakers, and also provide sellers a simple and fast trading market. All products are consigned by independent sellers on the AREA 02 platform, we do not own any shoes products.
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General question

The size tables provided on all product pages are for reference only, they are not exclusive to each brand. For a more accurate size chart, we recommend you to refer to the size guide from the origin manufacturer. Please confirm the size you ordered before checkout. If you have any questions, please discuss with us via Facebook or contact customer service [email protected].
AREA 02 is a professional platform for sneakers deal pairing and consignment. In order to protect both parties and to verify all products are authentic, sellers will only send out the product to AREA 02 after the payment is made. Then, product inspection by professionals will be made before sending out to buyers. Expected delivery time will be the 5 - 7 business days after the payment is made(excluding Saturdays and National Holidays). If AREA 02 has doubts about the goods sold, order will be cancelled and payment will be refunded to  buyers. Buyers can remake their purchase.
Yes, products traded and shipped through AREA 02 platform will be shipped only after they have been verified as authentic. After the authentication, exclusive AREA 02 straps will be attached on the shoes and a certificate of AREA 02 will be included. Please be aware that the scope of authenticity verification is limited to products that are traded through AREA 02 and sent by AREA 02 on behalf of the seller. After the purchase from AREA 02, any transferring behavior is no longer within the scope of AREA 02’s authentication. AREA 02 will not be responsible for verifying and guaranteeing whether the goods transferred to others are genuine or not.
Unlike most of the transactions which are generated only when a buyer accepts the listing price of a seller, “Bid" is a feature by which a buyer can place a bid price on a specific item and size, and wait for a seller to accept it.
The price of each pair of shoes is fixed by the seller, therefore different sizes of the same shoe or the same size of the same shoe may be priced differently depending on the sellers. In this case, the platform will prioritize showing the lowest selling price on the website.
The highest bid price will be prioritized to show on the website. When there are two bid prices with the same price, the bid price placed earlier will be prioritized to show on the website and app.
Buyers can check all the bid prices they placed and cancel the bid at Bidding List. The bid can be cancelled only when the bid has not been accepted by any seller via “Match buyer’s bid”, and it will expire when the bidding period the buyer sets ends.

Regarding Membership

After clicking the “member” button o the upper right corner of the website, it will direct you into the login page. Then, you can click the “register” button and start shopping when you finish the registration process by entering your information.
Click the “member” button on the upper right corner of the website, and by clicking the “forget password” button on the login page, you can reset your password.
What should I do? When a member intentionally or uintentionally violates AREA 02 terms, regulations, transaction procedures, etc., we will suspend or cancel membership based on the severity of the circumstances. In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, we strictly control all processes and product quality. Any violations on the rights and interests of others shall be reported to the competent authority for review depending on the seriousness of the circumstances. If you have any doubts, please actively contact us via customer service[email protected]. (Please carefully read Article 11 of the Terms of Service. Suspension and Termination)

Regarding Payment

We provide four types of payment methods for now, including payment online through credit card, credit card installment, ATM transfers, payment through convenience stores and AFTEE (Buy Now, Pay Later). Orders generated via Bid, or Place Bid, can only be paid by credit card payment.
Credit card payment will be required after submitting a bid. The amount of the bid price will be blocked from the buyer's credit card limit, but it will not be deducted until a seller accepts the bid. If there is no seller accepting the bid price, it will expire after the bidding period ends, and the block on your credit card limit will be removed 3 business days after your bid expires.
NEWEB Pay is a professional cash flow service provider entrusted by AREA 02. AREA 02 entrusted NEWEB Technology to integrate the cash flow on the platform, for safer and more convenient high-quality services. This is why you will see a “NEWEB” wording on your bank book or online transactions.
If you choose these two payment methods for your order, payment should be done within 24 hours. Order will be cancelled if payment is not made within the period of time. The bank account or code will be sent to your email automatically by the system after you made your order. If you fail to complete the payment after order is placed for multiple times, the buyer’s account may be subject to suspension. Besides, convenience stores will not accept any payment which exceeds NT$20,000. Therefore, if your amount is or exceeds NT$20,000, please do not choose this payment method.
Some credit cards issued by some banks may not be able to pass through the transactions. If the cardholder is unable to conduct online transactions, please contact your issuing bank for further information. When the credit card transaction fails, please try to complete the payment within 30 minutes, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled, and the system will not reserve the product for you.
VISA, MASTER, JCB and UnionPay cards are available for the payment. The credit card also provides an option of payment by installments. (Three or six installments with zero interest rate are available now.)
Select AFTEE as your payment method during checkout. If you have an AFTEE account, please enter your login information and proceed with payment. If you are new to AFTEE, we highly recommend you to register an account by downloading AFTEE APP before checkout for further service. The process is fast and simple, and you will receive an approval within minutes.
Placing an order:
  • Step 1. Sign in with your phone number.

  • Step 2. Identified yourself with verification code

  • Step 3. Confirm the price

  • Step 4. Complete order

Regarding Delivery

Sellers will only send the products to AREA 02 after the purchase and payment are completed by buyers for authentication purpose, then the product will only be sent out to the buyer after the product inspection is done, 5-7 business days are expected (excluding public holidays). Every product comes from different sellers , if there are multiple products in a single purchase, each product will be handled separately and individually packaged, therefore different products in a single purchase might arrive separately.
Yes, please provide the complete delivery address in the submission field on the ordering page.
All orders are only available for the method of doorstep delivery. Please make sure that the recipient address and phone number are correct before submitting the order.

Domestic shipping fee will be calculated in New Taiwan Dollars according to different categories, and it cannot be combined for multiple products ordered together.

    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) over 81cm. Ex. FRAGMENT POKEMON.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $1000
    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) between 51-80cm. Ex. 1000% Figure.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $500
    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) between 21-50cm. Ex. 400% Figure.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $200
    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) not exceed 21cm. Ex. Key Chain, Fluffy Doll.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $80
    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) over 30cm. Ex. DIOR Book Tote.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $500
    • Linear Dimension(Length, Height or Width) not exceed 30cm. Ex. Key Chain, Fluffy Doll.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $200
    • All brands sneakers
      Shipping Fee:NTD $200
    • Ex. Backpack, Supreme Tools and Carpet.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $150
    • Ex. Cap, Watch and Socks.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $80
    • Ex. Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Pants and Jackets.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $150
    • Ex. Short-sleeves, Long-sleeves and Shorts.
      Shipping Fee:NTD $80
All products are delivered by logistics companies. More delivery options will be provided in the future. You can track the delivery status of your products by using the methods below:
In order to protect the rights of sellers, this service is not available currently
The platform does not accept international orders for now, but overseas buyers can order goods through the service of a consolidator. Many consolidators provide online shopping transshipment services in various countries, such as Buyandship International Online Shopping Transshipment and Buyippee.

Overseas Delivery

Hong Kong/Macau/Japan/Singapore/Malaysia/India/UAE/Australia/Philippines/UK
a. Go on Buyandship to register as a member.
b. Upon your registration, you will get an unique member ID which identifies your parcels during shipping progress.
c. Start shopping on Area 02.
*For further information please go on Buyandship.
AREA 02 will deliver the parcels to the designated address in the order. You can fill in your overseas address on Buyandship.
AREA 02 only charges shipping fee for domestic delivery. Overseas freight will be charged to you by Buyandship.
In general, it takes 5-7 business days for AREA 02 authentication and deliver to the warehouse. When the parcels are in the warehouse, you can log in to your Buyandship account to track shipping status.
No. The total order amount only includes AREA 02 product price and domestic logistics costs, excluding tariffs.

Regarding order

The order could not be modified or canceled after an order is established. Do double check your information before submitting the order.
Every product belongs to and shipped from different sellers. If there are multiple products in a single order, every product will be sent out and packed individually by different sellers.
The system will inform you about the reason for the cancelled order if this happened to you. Most of the orders being cancelled because of th following circumstances:
  1. Product authentication failed.
  2. Defective product
  3. Overdue Payment
The refund will be remitted within 5-7 business days approximately. Thank you for your patience in advance. Buyers who made their payment by using ATM transfers or payment through convenience stores, kindly provide your information below by contacting our customer service [email protected].
  • Order Number:
  • Bank Name & SWIF Code:
  • Branch Name & SWIFT Code:
  • Account Name:
  • Account No.:
The system will not retain the inventory for you if products are only “added into the shopping cart”. This does not indicate that the product is being ordered. Therefore, if the product is being sold while the checkout is not completed, then you can no longer checkout for this product anymore.
The platform system will send an electronic invoice for the delivery fees when the order is established (paid). Regarding commodity invoices, if the seller complies with the relevant tax laws, the invoice is exempted. For example: Individual sellers whose monthly sales are less than NT$80,000 will not issue invoices because they are not subject to business tax. However, if the seller is a corporate seller, an invoice will be attached to the goods in accordance with the law.
If the seller has any questions about whether to issue an invoice, it is recommended to refer to the information on the Ministry of Finance website or consult a professional for consultation.

Returns and Exchanges

The platform doesn’t provide exchange service because all goods are not owned by the platform, they are listed and shipped out by different sellers.
  1. For transactions conducted through this website, except for the "cooling-off period" products regulated by the Consumer Protection Law, consumers can only claim returns in the following circustances:
    • The product is damaged;
    • Wrong product (e.g. size, color does not match the product description, etc.);
    • defective products/ unsuable;
    • Product and its description are clearly unmatched.
  2. Orders generated via Place Bid are considered customized orders. Thus, they are not regulated by the cooling-off period that is subject to the Consumer Protection Law, and any return request on the orders generated via Place Bid will be accepted only when the return meets the condition mentioned above.
  3. According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, in addition to the terms for return listed in the preceding paragraph, if the seller meets the definition of a business operator in the Consumer Protection Law, the consumer will be provided with a 7-day cooling-off period, but only for appreciation purpose, not as a commodity trial.
  4. All products shipped will be attached with exclusive straps of AREA 02 to the shoelace holes. Once the straps are removed, returns will not be accepted.
Please be aware that the product must be in the oiginal condition during the return. Please confirm that the product has not been worn (no stain on the bottom or scratch on the body), has not been cleaned, has not been modified, the product tag and packaging have not been damaged. Kindly remind that the shoebox, the product packaging and the certificate of AREA 02 are all part of the product. Any loss, damage or missing parts will affect your right of return. (Please read the relevant information of Article 6 Clause 5 of the Terms of Service for returns. )
Please contact us via customer service mailbox at [email protected] to apply for a return. The return will be processed once the application has been approved.
The return procedure is as follows:
  1. Please send us the order number, the issues of your product or picture via our customer service mailbox at [email protected] to apply for a return. The return will be processed once the application has been approved.
  2. Please provide us your “Name”, “Address”, “Contact Number”, and “Delivery Period (eg. morning, afternoon)”. We will send you the file of return shipping order after receiving your email. Kindly print out the shipping document then glue it on the parcel you wanted to return. We will send the logistic staff to the address you provided in 2 business days after receiving your email, so do complete the printing of the shipping document by that time. You do not need to bear the cost of returning the goods. Please return all products, accessories and certificates with original packaging or carton (or any clean packaging) to the logistics staff.
  3. The return procedure will be carried out once the condition of products has been checked by AREA 02, while the refund will be returned to the credit card account that was used for payment. For ATM transfers and payment through convenience stores, refund will be returned to the bank account you provided for our customer service.
We will remit the refund within 5-7 business days (excluding holidays) approximately once we receive the returned products and the condition is checked. However, the arrival date of each bank is different, please contact your card issuing bank for the precise refund period and related information.
For ATM transfers and payment through convenience stores, your refund will be remitted within 5-7business days (excluding holidays) approximately starting from the next day after the order is being cancelled. We will remit the refund into the bank account you provided earlier.
AREA 02 will send our cooperating courier service to collect the products after your application for return via email has been approved, so you do not need to bear the return shipping fee. However, if the shipping fee is included in your original order, it will still be borne by the consumer. Refund will be returned after deducting the shipping fee from the original order. Taiwan will issue a credit note as a proof of the price difference to you.